TTS joins leading global kidney organizations in partnership with the Lancet Kidney Campaign

lancet kidney campaign

The Transplantation Society is one of the new partners in the Lancet Kidney Campaign which the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and The Lancet launched in March 2016 to mark World Kidney Day (WKD). *** UPDATE - January 30, 2016 - Newsletter now available.***

NEWSLETTER - JANUARY 2016 - Lancet Kidney Campaign Update: Highlights from ASN Kidney Week 2016

The American Society of Nephrology commemorated its 50th anniversary with a memorable ASN Kidney Week in Chicago in November 2016. Professors Rumeyza Kazancioglu (Turkey) and Roberto Pecoits-Filho (Brazil) draw from their different world perspectives to identify and break down the main highlights from this congress that focused on "Reinventing Nephrology: From Molecule to Man."


NEWSLETTER - January 2016 - Onco-Nephrology - valuing the link between cancer and kidney disease

Cancer and kidney disease are the second and ninth leading causes of death in patients in the United States, respectively. In this month's Lancet Kidney Campaign update, Mark Perazella from Yale University tells us about the unique connection between these two maladies, and how it gave rise to the subspecialty area known as 'Onco-Nephrology'. He also reveals the complex challenges and new opportunities it presents for the global medical community.


Newsletter - December 2016 - Lancet update: Peritoneal Dialysis: perspectives from Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and beyond


Newsletter - November, 2016 - Lancet update: Strategies to increase living donor transplantation

In honour of the European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation which took place in October, Elmi Muller from the University of Cape Town writes about the observed stagnation of living donor kidney transplantation activity in many parts of the world. This update argues in favor of this practice and reviews various strategies to increase living donor transplantation.


The ISN Global Kidney Health Summit: setting a blueprint for tackling global CKD epidemic


Below is a full list of partners:


With TTS and the other new partners, the campaign will strengthen its outreach towards clinicians, policy-makers and collective societies in regions throughout the world, keeping them informed with research, expert commentaries and analysis on acute kidney injury (AKI), chronic kidney disease (CKD), dialysis and transplantation from across the journal's database. 

The Campaign also provides regular updates on recent advances in nephrology, as well as expert commentaries and interviews on key health and policy issues relevant to kidney disease.

Some of the most recent updates include:

Visit the campaign website regularly and keep your networks informed about the latest updates and information.

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