President Message

PetruzzoDear Colleagues,

It is a privilege for me to become President of the IHCTAS. Our Society is young but it represents a new exciting field of transplantation. I intend to start a process of integration of the IHCATS inside TTS respecting and favouring, at the same time, a development of all peculiar aspects. I hope to leave a “healthy” Society when I will leave my charge.

Firstly, we have to learn to work together and consequently we need a better and easier communication system. For this reason not only are we going to improve the International Registry on Hand and Composite Tissue Allotransplantation, but we are going to create a new website that will work as an open central source of information about all CTA/VCA performed over the world and a basic contact point with members of other societies to share common scientific interests. In the future we will use this site to develop an educational program to support the interest of the teams to develop a CTA program.

The success of this type of transplantation is based on multidisciplinary teams, in this view we are starting with a workshop (Chauvet Workshop, 21-22 March, 2014 in Paris) addressed to psychiatrists, psychologists and interested members of the teams involved in hand allotransplantation. The workshop goal is to set up a multicenter study in order to gather data, develop a protocol for the evaluation, follow-up of and supportive treatment of patients. Save the date and join us in Paris!

 With all good wishes

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Palmina Petruzzo
IHCTAS President