transplant kidney - Yahoo News Search Results

transplant kidney - Yahoo News Search Results
  • Super Logan gets kidney transplant
    Super Logan gets kidney transplant                
  • Advertisement for kidney transplant gives hope to Colorado family
    A viral image on the Internet has given a Colorado woman hope for a kidney transplant.
  • Congestive Heart Failure: When It's Time to Talk Transplant
    When patients can no longer stay out of the hospital or can barely function, experts say, they've reached the point when it's time to talk heart transplant. "Heart transplantation is an option for patients only if they have no other options," says Dr. Mary Norine Walsh, medical director of heart failure and cardiac transplantation at St. Vincent Heart Center in Indianapolis, which performs 20 to ...
  • HIV patients experience better kidney transplant outcomes than Hepatitis C patients
    ( University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine ) HIV-positive kidney transplant patients experienced superior outcomes when compared to kidney transplant patients with Hepatitis C and those infected with both HIV and Hepatitis C, according to a study led by researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and published online in Kidney International.
  • Colorado man uses truck to help find kidney donor for his wife
    When Bob Stewart found out his wife, Michelle, needed a kidney transplant last year, he knew he'd have to get creative.
  • Sunnyside kidney twins case piques national interest
    Wed, 25 Mar 2015 09:01:30 GMT By Ross Courtney Yakima Herald-Republic SUNNYSIDE, Wash. — The family of twin girls with chronic kidney disease is attracting a lot of attention. At least four people have inquired about getting screened for kidney donation in the wake of a Yakima Herald-Republic story on Monday about Kammie Schneider’s need for a transplant a few years after her twin sister Laynee ...
  • Paramus woman's journey to kidney transplant
    The American Kidney Fund (31 million) and National Kidney Foundation (26 million) may disagree on the number of Americans living with kidney disease, but 19 people die every day in the U.S. waiting for a kidney transplant, most waiting seven to nine years, according to, and another 400,000 are tethered to dialysis machines.
  • What to do with kidneys from older deceased donors?
    For older patients in need of a kidney transplant, rapid transplantation from an older deceased donor is superior to delayed transplantation from a younger donor. Kidneys from older donors do not have sufficient longevity to provide younger patients with a lifetime of kidney function, but they do have sufficient longevity to provide older patients who have a shorter life expectancy with a ...
  • As second twin awaits kidney donor, rural Washington family can only wait
    When Emily Golladay was told her young daughter needed a kidney transplant, the first thing she thought was, "At least it's not cancer." The second was, "This is fixable."
  • Excellent outcomes among HIV+ kidney transplant recipients
    Compared with uninfected (HIV-/HCV-) kidney transplant recipients, mono-infected HIV+ (HIV+/HCV-) recipients had similar 5-year and 10-year kidney survival rates, while HIV+ recipients co-infected with HCV (HIV+/HCV+) had worse kidney survival rates. Patient survival among mono-infected HIV+ recipients was similar to uninfected recipients but was significantly lower for co-infected recipients.

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