Meet the 2017 IPITA Congress Plenary Speakers

Dear Colleagues,

The plans for the IPITA 2017 Congress continue to progress nicely. The Abstract Review process has now been completed and the Scientific Programme Committee met last week to allocate successful abstracts to oral or poster presentations. Successful authors will be notified in the next 10 days.

The series of Plenary Talks will bring together many of the leading figures in the fields of pancreas and islet transplantation. Plenary talks will address a broad range of key clinical and scientific topics relevant to beta-cell replacement. Exciting additions include Plenary Sessions on Beta-cell biology and ‘Novel technologies relevant to beta-cell replacement’, and a ‘Dragons Den’ for ‘blue-sky’ thinking.
I am pleased to announce that the 2017 Paul Lacy Lecture will be delivered at the Congress by Garth Warnock from Vancouver, and the 2017 Richard Lillehei Lecture will be given by Raimund Margreiter from Innsbruck.
Another important feature of the IPITA 2017 Programme is an all day Pre-Congress Symposium on ‘Hypoxia in pancreas and islet transplantation’. This has been designed to incorporate clinicians and scientists involved in both pancreas and islet transplantation and provides the opportunity to address in detail this key challenge faced in organ and cell transplantation. 

We have developed a strong track during the Congress for Young Investigators. This includes a pre-congress symposium on ‘Career Development’; a Young Investigator Prize Presentation session; the incorporation of Young Investigators as co-chairs of Oral Presentation Sessions; an YI Networking evening event on the River Thames; and a Public Engagement event run by the YI immediately after the Congress has finished.

We also have a track for Allied Health Professionals (AHP) that comprises a specific pre-congress symposium; a question and answer session during the Congress; and a specific AHP Dinner. 

I do hope you will attend this important meeting. I would encourage you to register for this important meeting via the online registration form as soon as possible. The Early Bird Registration deadline is 5th April 2017. I look forward to welcoming you to Oxford in June.

Kind Regards
Professor Paul Johnson
Chair of the Local Organising Committee, IPITA 2017