Welcome to the Transplant Infectious Disease Section

I am glad to have you join our active membership representing 39 countries throughout the world. We welcome all practitioners interested in sharing the newest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of infections in transplant candidates and recipients. Our activities include an annual TID Congress, webinars, an interactive email discussion forum (TIDCh@t), and participation in TTS initiatives and Congresses. Membership benefits include online access to the Transplant Infectious Diseases journal and an opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the globe through participation in live and electronic TID programs.

TID 2015 was held in Cancun, Mexico on October 13, 2015, just prior to the start of STALYC, the annual South American and Caribbean Transplant Society meeting. The full day meeting included lectures by 19 physician experts from 4 continents and covered topics as varied as hepatitis C, leishmaniasis, dengue, and HIV+ to HIV+ organ transplantation. A full session of the program was devoted to organized approaches to post-transplant CMV, pneumonia, and CNS infections. The meeting focused on clinical case management and innovations in transplant infection diagnosis and treatment. Attendance was excellent, but you can now access the video recordings of the meeting through the following link (you must be logged into the wesbite), with lectures available in English, as well as Spanish. We look forward to our next meeting in Hong Kong, China on August 18, 2016, just prior to the start of TTS 2016. Please plan to join us there!

Prior to our next Congress, bring your most challenging transplant ID cases to TIDCh@t. Sign up to receive e-mail notification of online case discussions, and share your clinical dilemmas with an international team of experts in real time. Participation is free to TID and TTS members, just sign up now by logging in with your TID Member information on www.tts.org/tid

As the world becomes smaller through global travel and the internet, we have an incredible opportunity to extend our medical community across international borders. We hope you take advantage of the chance to better understand and connect with colleagues from around the world. Now more than ever we need to stay ahead of the microorganisms that threaten our immunocompromised patient population. TID is committed to expanding your access to the information and expertise you need to practice now and in the years to come.

Wishing you and your patients a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2016,

Michele I. Morris,
TID President