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We will be conducting some micro-surveys to see what is important to the Transplant community. One question at a time, simply click the response to participate!

What DO THINK is the most important thing for TTS to focus on?

  • Education
  • Networking
  • Providing a global forum for international issue
  • Global scientific exchange
  • Public policy



TTS 2018 - Lunch & Learn Sessions are filling up quickly -
reserve your seat!

Lunch and Learn Sessions will feature small groups with a maximum of nine delegates matched with a facilitator of their choice. Sixty groups over a three-day are planned.


Transplantation DIRECT Journal - Featured Article

Submitted by Dr Peri Kocabayoglu Editorial Fellow, Transplantation.

Adapting the Surgical Apgar Score for Perioperative Outcome Prediction in Liver Transplantation: A Retrospective Study

Pearson ACS, Subramanian A, Schroeder DR, Findlay JY.
Transplant Direct. 2017 ;3(11):e221.

The surgical Apgar score (SAS) entails parameters including the lowest heart rate, lowest mean arterial pressure, and estimated blood loss (EBL). In this retrospective analysis of 628 liver transplantations, the authors developed a modified SAS that can be utilized to predict early morbidity and mortality. This modified version of the SAS, termed SAS-LT, is calculated by replacing the EBL parameter with volume of red blood cells transfused. One hundred five out of 628 liver transplant recipients (16.7%) included in this study demonstrated serious perioperative morbidities or mortalities. The SAS-LT score had a similar predictive ability compared to models for end-stage liver disease, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation III, and Sequential Organ Failure Assessment scores. In fact, the SAS-LT proved to be a straightforward intraoperative score predicting death or severe complications within the early postoperative period. Further studies into other intraoperatively measured parameters and variables will be necessary to optimize the approach while the total volume of RBCs transfused during transplantation should be studied as an independent predictor of outcomes.


Canada - Organ donation by Humboldt Broncos player inspires others - Donation agencies across Canada say registration jumped after bus crash that claimed 15 lives

logan boulet humbolt

Humboldt Broncos defenceman Logan Boulet, 21, was from Lethbridge, Alta. Boulet had recently signed an organ donation card and was kept on life support while matches were found for his organs. He was expected to save the lives of at least six people. (SJHL)


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