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TTS Elections for Council

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TTS Members and Transplant programs more than 8,200 miles apart form key partnership

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(Photo) Transplant nurses Katie Stegner, left, and Sara Macedon, center, and transplant surgeon Jayme Locke 

This week, Locke and UAB nurses Katie Stegner and Sara Macedon are on their way back to Cape Town to again work with Muller to broaden transplant capabilities. The goal this time is to help Groote Schuur set up a paired exchange program modeled after the UAB Kidney Chain, the world’s longest ongoing transplant chain.

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Transplantation Journal - Featured Article

Submitted by Dr Andrea Schlegel, Editorial Fellow, Transplantation.

The Impact of Liver Graft Injury on Cancer Recurrence Posttransplantation.
Li CX, Man K, Lo CM. 
Transplantation. 2017 ;101(11):2665-2670.

This review article summarizes the latest findings on the impact of ischemia reperfusion injury and organ quality on tumor recurrence, mainly HCC after liver transplantation (LT). The authors characterize specific risks linked to graft types, eg living donor livers, donation after circulatory death or steatotic grafts. Focus of this review are underlying mechanisms that promote HCC recurrence following LT. The authors provide a very detailed analysis not only on the cellular inflammatory response, involving the microenvironment of the liver, but also on tumor cell migration and invasion promoted by an impaired microcirculation. The review also includes an analysis on the impact of reperfusion injury including hypoxia and angiogenesis on tumor cell aggressiveness. Finally, reactive progenitor cell recruitment and mobilization of other immune cells promoting tumor recurrence in a later phase after LT are highlighted. Overall, the link between reperfusion injury and tumor recurrence is a most relevant clinical problem. Novel preservation strategies in liver transplantation may provide additional relevant insights and treatment options.

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In the News

UAE's first liver transplant from a deceased donor

February 21 - The UAE's first full liver transplant from a deceased donor, was performed by a five-person medical and surgery team led by Dr Antonio Pinna, Transplant Surgeon at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.


Machine learning algorithms could predict onset of 'popcorn lung' post-transplant

February 21 - A combination of machine learning and quantitative computed tomography (CT) could predict the eventual onset of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS), also known as popcorn lung, in patients receiving lung transplants, researchers reported in Academic Radiology this week.


Less-Invasive Liver-Donor Surgery May Shorten Transplant Waiting List

February 25 - Laparoscopy allows for a quicker recovery and could get more living donors to come forward.

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TSANZ - 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting

The Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ ) 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, Victoria, from 28th April - 1st May, 2018. Featured speakers include TTS members Sandy Feng, Stanley Jordan and Kathryn Tinckam. TSANZ is an affiliated society of TTS.


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The 2018 results of the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program are out !

This year, a total of 13 center pairs were supported by the partnership between The Transplantation Society (TTS) and the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) in their efforts to develop transplantation medicine in regions like Nepal, Myanmar, India, Guatemala, Palestine, Philippines, Colombia and Armenia.

We welcome and congratulate our new freshman applicants Tanzania-UK and Vietnam-Australia to the program. The ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program is proud to help create successful and sustained collaborations between centers that continue for many years. The Malaysia-Australia and the India-Italy sister centers cooperation are good examples of lasting commitments to bring transplantation services to regions in need of professional support. To find out more about the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program, Click here.

At the end of 2018, two centers will have successfully completed the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program and will graduate after six years. The Guatemala-US and Palestine-UK sister pairs have demonstrated that continuous joined efforts result in fantastic examples of what can be achieved through professional and human collaborations across the globe. Congratulations to our two level A graduates.

At the upcoming TTS meeting in Madrid a show case of the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program will be available at the TTS boot. Delegates can visit the interactive presentations of the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program and some of the participating sister centers will share their experience on site. 

In the News

Refurbished Organs Could Save Millions on the Transplant List
February 20 - A Harvard lab can strip animal organs of their cells and refurbish them with human stem cells. These organs function when transplanted, meaning they could one day be a healthy replacement for patients waiting on the transplant list.


With medicine running out, Venezuelans with transplants live in fear
February 20 - Some 31 Venezuelans have seen their bodies start to reject their transplanted organs in the last month due to lack of medicine, according to umbrella health group Codevida, a non-governmental organization.

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Scientists Grow Sheep Embryos With Human Cells To Revolutionize Organ Transplant
February 18 - Researchers have successfully grown sheep embryos that contain human cells, a breakthrough that may someday save the lives of many patients who need an organ transplant.

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New Dutch organ donation law will apply to everyone officially registered in NL
February 14 - The Dutch senate on Tuesday narrowly voted in favour of a new law to change the Dutch organ donation system to a ‘yes unless’ register.

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Scientists produce human intestinal lining that re-creates living tissue inside organ-chip
February 16 - Investigators have demonstrated how cells of a human intestinal lining created outside an individual's body mirror living tissue when placed inside microengineered Intestine-Chips, opening the door to personalized testing of drug treatments.

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'A second chance in life': Organ transplants reach 10,000 Aussies
February 20 - The number of Australians receiving an organ transplant under a 2009 program to boost donations surpassed 10,000 last year.

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Gene therapy could hold key to improving Aids treatment and beating devastating virus
Febraury 13 - For more than a decade, the strongest Aids drugs could not fully control Matt Chappell's HIV infection. Now his body controls it by itself, and researchers are trying to perfect the gene editing that made this possible.

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UPMC, Pitt to invest $200 million in immunotherapy research facility in Pittsburgh
February 13 - The University of Pittsburgh and UPMC are teaming up in a $200 million venture to bolster immunotherapy research and potentially spur economic development throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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