2015 International Transplantation Science Mentee / Mentor Awards

TTS Awards

  • Rapamycin and retinoic acid downregulate the methylation of FoxP3 after restimulation in human Treg derived from naïve T cells
    Mentee: Enzo Candia, Chile
    Mentor: Juan Alberto Fierro Correa, Chile
  • TLR4/CXCL10/CXCR3 signaling mobilized regulatory T cells promote liver tumor recurrence after transplantation
    Mentee: Chang-Xian Li, China
    Mentor: Nancy Kwan Man, China
  • Endogenous graft-specific T cell populations exhibit distinct TCR Avidity profiles during acute rejection and tolerance
    Mentee: Michelle Miller, United States
    Mentor: Maria-Luisa Alegre, United States
  • The effects of valsartan on klotho expression and oxidative stress in preventing of calcinurine inhibitor nephropathy
    Mentee: Sina Raeisi, Iran
    Mentor: Hassan Argania, Iran
  • Prolonged Survival of Porcine Skin on Baboons following Administration of Porcine Cells Expressing Human CD47
    Mentee: Aseda Tena, United States
    Mentor: David Sachs, Unites States
  • Delayed CTLA-4Ig treatment of established acute allograft rejection successfully abrogates ongoing B cell responses
    Mentee: James Young, United States
    Mentor: Anita Chong, United States

TTS - CST Awards

  • Potent Suppression of allogeneic and xenogeneic immunity by cryopreserved regulatory T cells (Tregs) isolated and expanded from human thymus
    Mentee: Esme Dijke, Canada
    Mentor: Lori West, Canada
  • Tailoring Homing Capacity of Thymic regulatory T Cells by Expansion in Cytokline-enriched culture conditions
    Mentee: Romy Hoeppli, Canada
    Mentor: Megan Levings, Canada

TTS - DTG Awards

  • Ciclosporine A, but not rapamycin, downregulates T-bet in CD8 T cells leading to a diminished anti-tumor activity against B16 melanoma in mice
    Mentee: Philip Renner, Germany
    Mentor: Edward Geissler, Germany

TTS - ESOT Awards

  • Ex vivo generation of alloantigen-specific T regulatory cells using selective T-cell co-stimulation blockade
    Mentee: Masaaki Watanabe, Sweden
    Mentor: Bo-Goran Ericzon, Sweden

TTS - JST Awards

  • Bacterial pathogens provoke B cells responding to blood group A-antigens to be resistant to calcineurin inhibitors through TLR - MyD88 pathway
    Mentee: Hiroshi Sakai, Japan
    Mentor: Yuka Tanaka, Japan
  • Propagated NK cells from human pluripotent stem cells exert vigorous cytotoxicity against HCC and inhibit HCV replication
    Mentee: Selichi Shimizu, Japan
    Mentor: Yuka Tanaka, Japan

TTS - TSANZ Awards

  • P2X7 blockade reduces interferon gamma in a humanised mouse model of graft-versus-host disease
    Mentee: Nicholas Geraghty, Australia
    Mentor: Debbie Watson, Australia
  • Autophagy-dependent TIGIT positive Helios positive regulatory T cells are critical for controlling GVHD after allogeneic stem cell transplantation
    Mentee: Laetitia Le Texier, Australia
    Mentor: Kelli P. MacDonald, Australia
  • Characterisation of the immunomodulatory action of a unique anti-CXCR3 monoclonal antibody exploiting a conserved human and murine epitope for transplantation
    Mentee: Suzanna Pilgrim, Australia
    Mentor: Shane Grey, Australia
  • Microarray gene profile study of immunosuppressive interleukin-17A preactivated human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    Mentee: Kisha N. Sivanathan, Australia
    Mentor: Patrick T. Coates, Australia
  • Genetic polymorphisms in donor tissue determinetransplant outcomes
    Mentee: Nathan Zammit, Australia
    Mentor: Shane Grey, Australia