The Global Alliance for Transplantation

4. Relationships to other organisations and associations

  • World Health Organisation
  • International, Regional and National Transplantation Societies / Associations / Organisations

It is envisaged that the Global Alliance for Transplantation will permit a variety of relationships.

It is expected that the World Health Organisation will seek relationships with global organisations in fulfillment of the World Health Assembly resolution 57.XX . It is hoped that the Global Alliance for Transplantation will thus provide a vehicle for the WHO’s relationships with global professional organisations.

There are several international and regional professional organisations with transplantation as their core activity. There are international Associations – such as the International Xenotransplant Association, which are sections of The Transplantation Society but require full voice in their areas of interest. Examples of international organisations are the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation and the International Society of Nephrology, which may wish to be participants in relevant global discussions. Regional organisations such as the Asian Society of Transplantation and Latin-American Transplantation Society also need to have full participation in global dialogue on important transplantation issues.

The Global Alliance for Transplantation will thus have a category for organisational membership of the Global Alliance Advisory Board. This will allow independent organisations to join the Alliance, to hear and participate in the discussions and to implement strategies through the Alliance and as part of the Alliance.