2018 Call for Nominations


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Dear Member,

In accordance with the By-Laws of The Transplantation Society, this letter is to notify you of the impending elections of Officers and Councilors-at-large and to seek nominations to fill the positions being vacated at the
27th International Congress of The Transplantation Society in Madrid, Spain in July 2018. The Council and its Officers are important to TTS' fulfillment of its strategy and mission. We are therefore seeking nominations of highly qualified and dedicated individuals to ensure the continued success of TTS.

All nominations must be received at the TTS International Headquarters in Montreal no later than January 31, 2018.


TTS is seeking nominations for three Officer positions that will be vacated in 2018:

  • President-Elect (From any TTS Region except Middle East/Africa, since they will succeed Prof. Haberal who is in Middle East/Africa)
  • Vice President (From any TTS Region)
  • Treasurer (From any TTS Region)

As the By-Laws of The Transplantation Society specify that "Each region shall be represented by at least one Councilor-at-large, but the number from any one region shall not exceed the proportion of members in good standing from that region in the Society", the number of Councilors-at-large for each region from 2018 to 2020 will be as follows:

  • Asia: 2
  • Europe: 2
  • Latin America: 2
  • Middle-East and Africa: 1
  • North America: 3
  • Oceania: 2

The number of Councilors-at-large remaining to 2018 are:

  • Asia: 2
  • Europe: 1
  • Latin America: 1
  • Middle-East and Africa: 0
  • North America: 2
  • Oceania: 1

Therefore, nominations are being sought for Councilor-at-large for the 2018–2020 term in the following regions:

  • Europe: 1
  • Latin America: 1
  • Middle-East and Africa: 1
  • North America: 1
  • Oceania: 1

Full members in good standing may nominate someone for these positions. If you wish to nominate someone, please complete the appropriate attached form. Only Councilors-at-large who are in good standing and who have served at least one full term may be nominated to an Officer position. For the Councilor-at-large position, full members in good standing may be nominated. To nominate someone, the person nominating must also be a full member in good standing.

Since each nominee must have his or her form signed by two other supporting members, the online process allows for efficient and rapid circulation. Members in good standing can access the online nominating form by clicking the following link: CLICK HERE (requires login).