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2009 - ISODP Congress (Berlin)

Poster: Initiatives to Improve Organ Donation
06 October 2009  /  12:45 - 13:30

Students' Attitudes Towards Organ Donation

Presenter: Jenny Prüfe, Cambridge, USA

Why People Refuse To Donate Organs

Presenter: Jekaterina Romanoviene, Vilnius, Lithuania

Poster: DCD Medical Aspects and Outcome
06 October 2009  /  12:45 - 13:30

Approaches And Management Of Brain Death In Tunisia

Presenter: Mohamed Salah Ben Ammar, La Marsa, Tunisia

Comparison Of Two Perfusion Methods In Controlled Non-Heartbeating Donors

Presenter: Tineke Wind, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Lung Donation After Cardiac Death: Analysis Of 23 DCD Allografts Transplanted

Presenter: Christopher Wigfield, Chicago, USA

Machine Perfusion Preservation For Kidney Graft With A High Creatinine From Uncontrolled Donation After Cardiac Death

Presenter: Matsuno Naoto, Tokyo, Japan

Prediction Of Asystole Following Treatment Withdrawal In Donation After Cardiac Death (DCD)

Presenter: James Harrison, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Pulsatile Perfusion Machine Effect On Preservation And Evaluation Of NHBD Maastricht Class II Kidneys

Presenter: David Paredes Zapata, Barcelona, Spain

Referrals For Non-Heart Beating Donation From The Emergency Department: A Double Edged Sword?

Presenter: Elaine Clarke, Bristol, United Kingdom

One OPO’s 13 Year Experience with Uncontrolled DCD Donation

Presenter: Howard N. Nathan, Philadelphia, USA

Withdrawal Of Therapeutic Efforts Can Be A Conditioning Factor For Deceased Organ Donation?

Presenter: David Paredes Zapata, Barcelona, Spain

Poster: Potential for Organ Donation - Performance
06 October 2009  /  12:45 - 13:30

Actual vs. Predicted Performance- Usefulness Of A Quality Assurance Program Of The Donation Process

Presenter: Alba Ribalta, Barcelona, Spain

Definition Of A (German) Donor Profile For Isolated Small Bowel And/Or Multi-Visceral Organ Transplantation

Presenter: Carl-Ludwig Fischer-Fröhlich, Stuttgart, Germany

Evaluation Of The Organ Donation Performance In 64 Hospitals In The Netherlands 2005-2008

Presenter: Nichon Jansen, Leiden, The Netherlands

Organ Donation Champion Training Increases Health Care Providers' Attitudes, Clinical Confidence And Information Sharing Among Colleagues

Presenter: Kathy Yandle, Philadelphia, USA

Organ Donation In Infancy, Childhood And Adolescence In The Northern Region Of Germany

Presenter: Thorsten Doede, Hamburg, Germany

Portuguese Model Of Organ Procurement And Transplant Coordination - Characteristics And Results

Presenter: Isa Santos, Lisbon, Portugal

Quality Control Of The Donation Process In Galicia- Experience In The Last Three Years

Presenter: Jacinto Sánchez Ibáñez, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Swedish Organ Donation Optimized By New Organization Model - Donation Rate Increased By 36%

Presenter: Åsa Welin, Stockholm, Sweden

The Donor Actions Diagnostic Review: A Unique Quality Assurance Tool With The Largest International Organ Donation Database Of Its Kind

Presenter: Leo Roels, Linden, Belgium



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