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2009 - ISODP Congress (Berlin)

Poster: Living Donation General Aspects
05 October 2009  /  18:15 - 19:30

Converting Incompatible Directed Living Unrelated Kidney Donors Into Free Non-Directed Donors

Presenter: Hani Haider, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Creation And Validation Of A Living Donor Satisfaction Survey- Eulid Project

Presenter: Assumpta Ricart, Barcelona, Spain

So What Happened To The Kidney Donors Afterwards?

Presenter: Hani Haider, Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Dutch National Living Donor Kidney Exchange Program

Presenter: Marry de Klerk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Rotterdam Good Samaritan Kidney Donation Program

Presenter: Willij Zuidema, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Poster: Donor Management 2
06 October 2009  /  12:45 - 13:30

A Stereotyped Transcriptome Response Reflects Heart And Kidney Failure

Presenter: Thomas Mueller, Edmonton, Canada

Donor Care Specialised Nurses In Intensive Care Units, DCSN, Increased The Donation Rate In The Stockholm Count

Presenter: Anna-Karin Morin, Danderyd, Sweden

New Insights In Liver Graft Preservation Using IGL-1 Solution

Presenter: Mohamed Amine Zaouali, Barcelona, Spain

Opportunities And Limitations Of Logistics Optimization

Presenter: Marie Lingemann, Münster, Germany

Terlipressin As Rescue Therapy In Catecholamine Resistant Hypotension In Solid Organ Donors

Presenter: Pietro Vecchiarelli, Viterbo, Italy

Timing In Organ Donation: Reanalysis Of Time Intervals After Implementation Of A New On-Line Documentary System

Presenter: Carl-Ludwig Fischer-Fröhlich, Stuttgart, Germany

Wisconsin Solution Minimizes Enzymes Release After Cold Ischemia In Ex Vivo Perfused Rat Liver

Presenter: Vincent Nuyens, Charleroi, Belgium

Poster: Initiatives to Improve Organ Donation
06 October 2009  /  12:45 - 13:30

Analysis Of Social Awareness Of Organ Donation In The Secondary School Population In Galicia

Presenter: Jacinto Sánchez Ibáñez, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Attitude Of Health Care Professionals To Organ Donation

Presenter: Gernot Kaiser, Essen, Germany

Attitudes And Feelings Of Intensive-Care Unit Doctors About Organ Donation Procedures (#1071) - Danica Avsec

Presenter: Danica Avsec, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Educational System For Transplant Coordinators In Poland: Postgraduate Studies At Warsaw Medical University

Presenter: Jaroslaw Czerwinski, Warsaw, Poland

Fourth Year of Activity of "AL-MA": Donation and Transplantation Educational Program in Emilia-Romagna Region

Presenter: Lorenza Ridolfi, Bologna, Italy

How Two-Day Information Effort Impacts Attitudes, Motivation And Knowledge In Organ Donation

Presenter: Öystein Jynge, Stockholm, Sweden

IRODAT: The International Registry On Organ Donation And Transplantation

Presenter: Gloria Paez, Barcelona, Spain

PIERDUB International Project On Education And Research In Donation At University Of Barcelona: Training University Students About Donation And Transplantation

Presenter: Martí Manyalich, Barcelona, Spain



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