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2011 - ISBTS 2011 Symposium (Washington, DC, USA)

Oral Communications 6: Surgical Aspects of ITX
16 September 2011  /  15:00 - 16:30

Outcome of pigs with short gut syndrome submitted to orthotopic intestinal transplantation (IT)

Presenter: Alexandre Bakonyi Neto, Botucatu, Brazil

Surgical and transplant approach to complicated intestinal failure: Italian series 2000-2011 on adults

Presenter: Chiara Zanfi, Bologna, Italy

Oral Communications 7: Complications
16 September 2011  /  15:00 - 16:30

Factor influencing kidney function on adults after intestinal transplant: report from a single institution

Presenter: Augusto Lauro, Bologna, Italy

Pre-transplant predictors of ICU, hospital length of stay and long term patient survival after intestinal transplantation in a single center

Presenter: Hector Solar Muñiz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Liver dysfunction following pediatric liver-inclusive intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Robert Venick, Los Angeles, United States

Complications of the transplant ileostomy: a retrospective review of a single center experience with more than 100 intestinal transplants

Presenter: Douglas G. Farmer, Los Angeles, United States

A 10 year experience of medical complications in paediatric small bowel transplantation

Presenter: Jane Hartley, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Kidney dysfunction in intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Raffaele Girlanda, Washington, United States

Risk factors for posttransplant lymphoproliferative disease after intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Juan Francisco Guerra, Washington, United States

Plenary Session II: Physiology & Mucosal Biology + Oral Communications 8
17 September 2011  /  08:00 - 10:00

Ischemic preconditioning increases the intestinal stem cells and facilitates the regeneration of intestinal epithelial cells during injury

Presenter: Ya-Hui Tsai, Taipei County, Taiwan

What is the normal small bowel length in humans? Donor based cohort analysis

Presenter: Gabriel E. Gondolesi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Isolation and characterization of human primary enterocytes from small intestine

Presenter: Priti Chougule, Gothenburg, Sweden

Hepatoadrenal syndrome in children with anatomic short gut and end-stage liver disease

Presenter: Hannah Brotzman, Washington, United States

Mesenteric artery blood flow: post-prandrial patterns after intestinal transplant. A case-control match study

Presenter: Claudia Diaz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Influence of triple and double immunosuppressive therapy on proinflammatory gene expression during acute cellular rejection episodes

Presenter: Martin Rumbo, La Plata, Argentina

Oral Communications 10: Immune & Infectious Monitoring
17 September 2011  /  10:30 - 12:00

Infections in the first year after intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Richard S. Mangus, Indianapolis, United States

Humoral rejection after intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Florence Lacaille, Paris, France

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in intestinal transplant recipients with NOD2 polymorphism

Presenter: Cal Matsumoto, Washington, United States

Successful isolated intestinal transplantation in sensitized recipients with the use of virtual cross matching

Presenter: Jason Hawksworth, Washington DC, United States

The necessity of EBV and CMV PCR screening post paediatric small bowel transplantation

Presenter: Lauren Johansen, Lichfield, United Kingdom



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