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2015 - ISBTS 2015 Symposium (Buenos AIres)

4- Clinical and Surgical Challenges
12 June 2015  /  14:00 - 15:00

Small bowel transplant for desmoid tumours

Presenter: Sarah-Jane Walton, London, United Kingdom

First Pilot study on patient QoL and caregiver burden during parenteral nutrition and after intestinal transplant in Argentina.

Presenter: Lila Chavez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Systematic literature review on quality of life from the adult intestinal transplant patients' perspective

Presenter: Laurens Ceulemans, Leuven, Belgium

3- Basic Sciences
12 June 2015  /  15:00 - 16:00

NOD2-deficiency worsens the clinical outcome in a murine model of short bowel syndrome

Presenter: Johannes Reiner, Rostock, Germany

Growth hormone and glutamine exhibited diverse effects on the proliferation and differentiation of intestinal stem cells

Presenter: Ya-Hui Tsai, New Taipei City, Taiwan

A grading scheme for colon preservation injury in the rat

Presenter: Mihai Oltean, Gothenburg, Sweden

Cytokeratin fragments as a biomarker for intestinal allograft rejection

Presenter: Lisa Sharkey, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Glucagon-like peptide-2 therapy augments intestinal adaptation in a preclinical model of neonatal short bowel syndrome with mid-intestinal resection

Presenter: David Lim, Edmonton, Canada

Main complications leading to unsuccessful intestinal transplantation in rats. Multicenter study.

Presenter: Pablo Stringa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Heterotopic small bowel transplantation model in rats: Sprague Dawley to Wistar, a novel donor-recipient combination to study the acute cellular rejection process.

Presenter: Pablo Stringa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gene expression of intestinal ion transporters in the transplanted ileum – impact on renal function

Presenter: Johannes Reiner, Rostock, Germany

Measurement of intestinal fluid transport using FITC-Inulin in small bowel grafts of rats

Presenter: Manuel Rodriguez Davalos, New Haven, United States

Self-organization of fully functional gut organoids from human pluripotent stem cells under xenogeneic-free conditions

Presenter: Hajime Uchida, Tokyo, Japan

4- Surgical Rehabilitation and Transplant
12 June 2015  /  15:00 - 16:00

Surgical management of short bowel syndrome after bariatric surgery

Presenter: David Mercer, Omaha, United States

Current management of gut failure after gastric bypass: autologous reconstruction and visceral transplantation

Presenter: Ajai Khanna, Cleveland, United States

Surgical therapy of post-operative entero-cutaneous fistulas: is resection with primary anastomosis a safe option to avoid early recurrence? Report on 20 cases rescued By Bologna center

Presenter: Augusto Lauro, Bologna, Italy

Transplant VS. Non-Transplant surgery for CIPO in adult patients: Bologna center experience

Presenter: Augusto Lauro, Bologna, Italy

Indications for intestinal and multivisceral transplantation at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK

Presenter: Charlotte Rutter, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Outcome of serial transverse enteroplasty in children with short bowel syndrome

Presenter: Maria Baffetti, La Plata, Argentina

Surgical intestinal rehabilitation program in adult patients with intestinal failure

Presenter: Augusto Lauro, Bologna, Italy



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