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2017 - CIRTA (New York)

A Multidisciplinary Approach in Caring for the Intestinal Rehab/Transplant Patient: Case Study
28 June 2017  /  11:00 - 12:30

Play Therapy in Intestinal Rehab/Transplant

Presenter: Jessica Smith, Pittsburgh, United States

The Developmental Perspective

Presenter: Jemma Mears, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Nutrition Management

Presenter: Kate Tavener, London, United Kingdom

Monitoring Medications

Presenter: Leandra Miko, New York, United States

3- Donor Selection and Technical Aspects of Intestine Transplantation
29 June 2017  /  13:30 - 15:00

Pre-procurement donor asystole common in intestine donors: Outcomes similar to donors with no asystole time

Presenter: Joel Schroering, Indianapolis, United States

Effect of donor vasopressor requirements on recipient outcomes for intestinal and multi-visceral grafts - Is it overrated?

Presenter: Hirak Pahari, Detroit, United States

Trends in the intestinal donor-related variables over the past decade: preliminary results of a multicenter analysis

Presenter: Mihai Oltean, Gothenburg, Sweden

Enterostomy after Intestinal transplantation: the first report of complications and outcome.

Presenter: Douglas Farmer, Los Angeles, United States

Compensatory hepatic artery blood flow increase prevents liver injury during modified multivisceral transplant evisceration.

Presenter: Flavio Galvao, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Use of Arterial Embolisation to Facilitate Exenteration during Multivisceral and Small Bowel Transplantation

Presenter: Andrew Butler, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Innovative Sphincter Preserving pull-through technique with en bloc Colon and Small Bowel Transplantation

Presenter: Ajai Khanna, Pittsburgh, United States

Hybrid Ostomy: Evolution of technique to become Standard of Care

Presenter: Thiago Beduschi, Miami, United States

Preservation of the Stomach, Pancreas and Spleen during Liver and Small or Isolated Bowel Transplantation for Portal and Mesenteric Vein Thrombosis

Presenter: Neil Russell, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Use of Avascular Rectus Abdominus Fascia for Abdominal Closure in Transplantation

Presenter: Neil Russell, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Pull-Through of Transplanted Sigmoid as Part of Multivisceral Transplantation with Preservation of the Donor Inferior Mesenteric Artery for Hirschprung’s Disease

Presenter: Thiago Beduschi, Miami, United States

Use of Abdominal Wall, non-vascularized, non-composite allografts after abdominal organ transplantation, update on long term follow up of a single center series

Presenter: Gabriel Gondolesi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Does Small for Size Syndrome Occur in Intestinal Transplantation?

Presenter: Jang Moon, Englewood, United States

Multidisciplinary Research in Intestinal Rehab and Transplant
28 June 2017  /  13:30 - 15:00

Getting Started: how to define and study the challenges and questions in your practice

Presenter: Anita Nucci, Atlanta, United States

How-to's of Allied Health Research in Intestinal Transplant and Rehab....Tips from the Field

Presenter: Jemma Mears, Birmingham, United Kingdom


Presenter: Kate Hamilton, Heidelberg, Australia



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