CTRMS Membership Requirements

There are five categories of membership: Full Members, Trainee and Technical Members, Allied Health Professional Members, Honorary Members, and Emeritus Members.

Full Members shall be physicians, surgeons, scientists or other specialists, who are actively engaged in the science or clinical practice of cellular transplantation. Full Members shall be eligible to hold office in the Society and may vote for election of Officers and on all matters brought before the general membership. Full membership shall be gained by submission of a membership application that has been approved by the Council.

Trainee and Technical Membership shall include individuals enrolled in pre- or postdoctoral training programs relevant to the science and clinical practice of cell transplantation, and individuals who have completed their training but have not yet qualified for full membership. No individual may remain in this category more than six years. Trainee and Technical Members may not vote or hold office on the Council but may serve on committees. Trainee membership shall be gained by submission of a membership application and by submission of a letter from the Program Director confirming the candidate and clinical practice of cell transplantation, and the year of completion, and followed by approval by the Council.

Allied Health Professional Membership shall include individuals who have an interest in cellular transplantation and are actively working in this field.  Their status must be confirmed by their professional association card or designation.  This membership category can include: nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers and physicians assistants and coordinators, but is not restricted to these positions. Allied Heath Members shall have the same voting rights as a Full Member, and are eligible to be an Officer or Councilor of the Society. 

Honorary Membership will be awarded to a person for a significant discovery or contribution of a focused body of work in the area of cell transplantation or immunobiology. Only members of the Society may nominate one or more individuals for Honorary Membership with two additional Full Members support. The letter of nomination should explain in detail how the individual qualifies for this distinction. In addition, a curriculum vitae and reprints of the nominee’s three most important references should be included. Unanimous approval by the Council of the Society is required for the candidate. No more than one Honorary Member per year can be elected and the Honorary Member should be present at the next meeting of the Cell Transplant Society to be officially elected. Honorary Members will not have the privilege of voting or holding office.

Emeritus Members cannot serve as Officers or on Committees of the Society, but can participate in all other functions of the Society. Emeritus Members will be those above the age of 65, or have retired from practice in the field. Emeritus Members can apply for emeritus membership status by submitting in writing a request to the Council, to become an Emeritus Member and have the request approved by Council. Emeritus Members may attend annual meetings, vote and will receive a reduction in dues as determined by Council.