TTS Endorsed Clinical Kidney Transplantation Course

The Transplantation Society is pleased to announce its endorsement of this online course by the Universiteit Leiden and Leiden University Medical Center

The course is free for anyone to view and participate (there is a small fee if you want certification)


About the course

Kidney transplantation is a major advance of modern medicine which provides high-quality of life for patients with end-stage renal disease. What used to be an experimental, risky, and very limited treatment option more than 50 years ago is now routinely performed in many countries worldwide. The number of renal transplants is expected to rise sharply in the next decade since the proportion of patients with end stage renal disease is increasing.

Are you interested in clinical kidney, pancreas and islet transplantation? If you are a (bio) medical student or a health care professional who works in the (pre) clinical transplant field this might be the course for you. This course is also for anyone interested in the research and knowledge on clinical transplantation. The course will be taught by a multidisciplinary team of transplant professionals and will give you the state of the art updates.

It is divided in 4 modules:
1) Before the transplant
2) The surgical procedures and the challenged patient, including the patient with diabetes
3) Early challenges
4) Late challenges after transplantation.

The offered modules will include lectures, interactive patient cases, 3D movies, interviews with well-known experts and with patients and a donor, a serious game to increase knowledge of the field and of course an active forum. Become an expert and join us!

clinicalkidneytransplantation mooc

This MOOC was made by an enthusiastic team of Transplant Professionals from the Leiden University Medical Centre, in cooperation with the Leiden Online Learning Lab of Leiden University. We like to mention all the people here who made this course possible.

The instructors of this course: Marlies EJ Reinders, Frans HJ Claas, Cees van Kooten, Sebastiaan Heidt, Volkert AL Huurman, Johan W de Fijter, Eelco JP de Koning, Andrzej G Baranski, Ton J Rabelink, Aiko PJ de Vries, Jan Nico Bouwes Bavink, Leo G Visser, Ingeborg M Bajema

Teaching Staff: Bart Oerlemans, Erik Pasveer, Manon Dijkerman, Eveline de Lange.

Community Moderators: Michiel Nijhoff, Marten Engelse, Geertje Dreyer, Bram Voorzaat, Jonna Bank.

The Online Learning Lab of Leiden University: Thomas Hurkxkens, Annemieke van den Bijllaardt, Einat Shitrit, Merel Schermer, Tanja de Bie, Marja Verstelle, Gideon Shimshon, Leontine van Melle.

Visual Design & 3D animations: Manon Zuurmond, Lars Rietkerk, Merel Schermer.

The course is endosed by: The Transplantation Society (TTS), the European Society of Transplantation (ESOT) and International Society of Nephrology (ISN)