Kareem Abu Elmagd
Pittsburgh, USA

Douglas Farmer

Los Angeles, USA

Thomas M. Fishbein

Washington, USA

Alan Langnas

Omaha, USA


Gabriel E. Gondolesi
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Girish Gupte
Birmingham, UK

Tomoaki Kato
New York, USA

Florence Lacaille
Paris, France

George V. Mazariegos
Pittsburgh, USA

Loris Pironi
Bologna, Italy

Sara Clarke

Birmingham, UK



As we welcome 2013, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your families a very happy, safe and healthy Holiday Season. With the conclusion of 2012, I would like to highlight some of the ITA achievements and thank all of the councilor members and their efforts serving the Association, despite their intense clinical activities and administrative commitments.

ITA Membership

The Association witnessed a recent increase in the membership with a total of 274 members including physicians, scientists, and allied health professionals. I would like to thank all of the new members and I pledge to do my best for the remaining period of my presidency to serve all members and enhance the national and international recognition of the Association.

ITA Website

The Association website has been significantly enhanced with an update and new additions to serve the ITA members and history of the field.

Changes in Bylaws

With the efforts of the councilor members and your approval, the ITA bylaws has been modified to improve the nomination process and expand the rights of the allied health professional to vote for the officers and councilor members. Changes in Organ allocation in the United States With the approval of the OPTN/UNOS, candidates for combined liver-intestinal and multivisceral transplantation with MELD score of 29 or higher will have an access to the deceased national donor pool in the United States.

ITA Symposium

With exciting scientific and social programs, I am looking forward to seeing you in Oxford, UK from June 26 through 29, 2013.

Looking forward to 2015, forr the first time the ITA will hold the symposium in Latin America. The meeting will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in August of 2015. With the continual collaboration between TTS and ITA, we hope to continue to enhance the ITA mission and goals with further improvement in patient care and scientific research endeavors.

Best Regards,

   Kareem Abu-Elmagd
   ITA President

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