President's Message

Chapman_JeremyDear Members,

The holiday season is nearly upon us again and the year seems hardly to have started. Those of us in the southern hemisphere are just about to settle down for a long summer break - sun (with sun block and hats) and school holidays. Late November is the best argument for fleeing to south.

The last few months have seen meetings of most of the sections of TTS. Italy seems to have been the flavour of 2009 - ITA in Bologna, IXA in Venice and IPITA also in Venice. Spectacular meetings -well attended, great scientific programs and Italian hospitality. Some from the IXA meeting even managed to see the great seat of learning in Padua - complete with Galileo's lecture podium and the famous anatomical theatre. What will stand the test of time in our practice? Have we contributed so much to the advancement of science that people will crowd around in a thousand years' time to understand how we taught the principles of transplantation? Perhaps we are on the cusp of great change - if some of the hopes of the tolerance protocols are realised. Perhaps this period in the early 21st century will be looked back on as signficant in the development of medicine, perhaps you will be a part of that?

Another section meeting was in Berlin - the ISODP was complemented by a truly amazing World Organ Donation day at the Brandenberg Gate organised by Guenter Kirste. A rock concert with tens of thousands listening - one had to be miles away to avoid listening - to the sounds of the 21st century in association with the stories of donation and transplantation. Many important presentations and discussions were held there in pursuit of a global increase in organ transplantation - deceased donation, donation after cardiac death and the contributions of the living donor. Next year, the World Donation Day will be held in India. The WHO continues to work to enhance transplantation therapy in all corners of the globe and TTS continues to work hand in hand with the WHO and Spain's ONT to seek change. In this newsletter you will find a statement from the Egyptian Health Minister extolling a vision for change. You will also find an update of the progress of the Declaration of Istanbul.

2010 will usher in an exciting development for TTS - Transplantomics Feb 25-26 - a meeting in San Francisco, CA in which the expertise from across a number of disciplines will be brought together  for the first time to focus on how the bioinformatics and technology of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics interface with the clinical world of transplantation. See the for details

As we enter 2010 we will also be entertained to the sights and sounds of Vancouver as the city hosts the Winter Olympics. It will remind us that the warm summer nights of 2010 in Vancouver will be the venue for The XXIII  International Congress of The Transplantation Society. You will find details elsewhere in the newsletter - abstract closing is still ahead of us in early March, but you can expect to get an email or two reminding you of that deadline.

Your council has recently spent a couple of days thinking about what TTS needs to concentrate on in the years ahead. A draft strategic plan will be available on our fantastic new website - so please go to it and have your say. While you are there have a wander around the website and familiarise yourself with it. We have designed it to be the way to get to whatever you want to find quickly and efficiently. "" is pretty easy to remember so we expect it to be the easiest way for you to find an answer to a question in transplantation.

My best wishes for the holiday season to you, your family, and your patients.

Jeremy R. Chapman
President, The Transplantation Society