nKOL Sweden Meeting Report

Göteborg, Sweden • August 20-23, 2009

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The late Swedish summer by the end of August in Göteborg proved to be an excellent environment for the 14th nKOL Meeting arranged by The Transplantation Society.

Young scientists and clinicians, together with their peers, members of TTS, had the great opportunity to meet, interact and make friends with colleagues in the field of transplantation, basically from the Nordic countries, but many also from other parts of the world such as Egypt, Japan, Chile, China, USA and Pakistan.

In conference, short presentations were given by the elder and comprehensive talks by the new KOLs, and importantly, plenty of time was devoted for in-depth discussions. Topics were covered such as cell transplantation, tailoring immunosuppression, ABO and HLA antibody barriers, and composite allografts.

The pioneers in transplantation, Erna Möller, David Sachs and Jean-Michel Dubernard contributed to a great extent, both scientifically and socially.

TTS would like to thank Michael Olausson and Gerhard Opelz for designing the program, and we are grateful to Erik Fromm and his team from Hoffman-La Roche for supporting the meeting with an unrestricted educational grant.