TTS and ONT awarded Prince of Asturias Award

asturiasThe Transplantation Society, in conjunction with the Spanish “Organización Nacional de Trasplantes” (ONT), has been recognized by award of the “Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation” (see ). This is a highly esteemed international award, included amongst its previous winners are Nelson Mandela, Al Gore, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Helmut Kohl, Lula da Silva, the WHO, Mikhail Gorbachev and other equally prestigious contributors to the goal of international cooperation. Established in 1980, these awards aim to contribute to encouraging and promoting the scientific, cultural and humanistic values that form part of mankind’s universal heritage, and are considered as the “Spanish Nobel prizes”.

– Rafael Matesanz, ONT

Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation awarded to The Transplantation Society and the Spanish Organización Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT)

... selected excerpts from the citation

More than a million people in the world could benefit from a transplant each year, but only around 100,000 do so in the end, due to the lack of organs and infrastructure. Bearing this in mind, both TTS and ONT have contributed significantly to the international community aiming to increase donations, improve management and, to sum up, bring life to thousands of people worldwide.

In close cooperation with the World Health Organization, The Transplantation Society and the ONT has led during the last years the global strategy on donation and transplantation. This has been crucial for the establishment of new legislation in countries that did not have any in the fight against transplant tourism and organ trafficking and on the promotion of donations and transplantations for the entire world. This Award acknowledges this collective effort from the ONT and the TTS and must serve as a way to reinforce this line of action in the future. Many lives depend on this.

... official statements on being bestowed with the award

“The Transplantation Society is honoured and delighted by this award which recognises both ONT and The Transplantation Society, but which most importantly recognises, respects and honours all organ and tissue donors across the world for the new chance of life that they provide to others in desperate need”.

– Jeremy Chapman, TTS President

“The Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation for the ONT is a recognition of the long trajectory of the Organisation that coordinates and leads the Spanish transplant system and that has put our country at the forefront of the world for taking these therapeutics to all five continents with the aid of the International Transplantation Society.

– Rafael Matesanz, ONT Director

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