ISODP Update

ISODP is on the March!

Together with our members of the section, ISODP went through a process of a strategic planning for the upcoming years. For the first time ever, the goals of the society have been defined and they reflect the wishes and suggestions of the members. The new mission statement is:

The ISODP is the global organization to foster, promote and develop organ and tissue donation and procurement through: improving professional practice, enabling information sharing and strengthening international networking.

The ultimate aim is to increase the supply of high quality organs and tissues to match patients' needs and to promote countries increasing performance towards self sufficiency and improved opportunity for transplantation.

This was the first step, which was immediately followed by acceptance of an implementation plan of the strategy which will be published for members very soon. All members are asked, to engage in further discussion and in the work of the society. I do think that the ISODP members should help each other, to further improve their day to day work.

The discussion about this improvement and about scientific questions in the field of organ donation will be continued during the upcoming meeting in Buenos Aires on November 27 to 30, 2011. Dr. Carlos Soratti is preparing this meeting together with the organising committee. We are looking forward to an extremely successful meeting. Be there and join us for the discussion!