ISODP 2011 Congress


Members of ISODP and the community of experts working in the field of organ donation are very much looking forward to ISODP Congress that will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from November 27th to 30th, 2011 under the chairmanship of Dr. Carlos Soratti. Many countries in South America have moved forward enormously in numbers of organ donation per million population in the last year. To host the Congress might be a further stimulus for people being involved in the work. Of course this event is an excellent opportunity for further discussion on how to improve the situation all over the world. Further details are available on the Congress website,

The main aim of the ISODP is to increase organ donation, to meet the needs in every specific country. Currently the Society is engaged in educational activities in different countries: ISODP is working with TTS, ESOT and ETCO on an initiative dedicated towards South East European countries with the aim to establish a system of organ donation in every single country of that region. The overall goals are to learn by further cooperation and to increase the supply of organs towards self-sufficiency. (For more on this topic read the Meeting in Skopje, Macedonia article.)

The ISODP as an international society in the field of organ donation wants to further increase their membership. Ensure that you become a member as soon as possible. Go to to join. Encourage your colleagues to do so and take part in the scientific discussion