IXA Update


The second WHO-IXA Global Consultation on Regulatory Requirements for Xenotransplantation Clinical Trials took place in Geneva in October 2011 in the presence of representatives from health authorities from more than 15 countries. Safety and infectious disease transmission risk mitigation were central to the discussions that took place at this second consultation and the key recommendations of this meeting are summarized on the IXA website: www.tts.org/ixa.

The 2011 CTS/IXA Joint Congress held in Miami last month brought together world leaders in xenotransplantation and in cellular therapies, tissue engineering, biomaterials, nanotechnologies, stem cells and regenerative medicine to catalyze an unprecedented level of scientific and translational exchange in these complementary fields of science and technology. The Joint Congress was a great success and represented also an opportunity to bring together first class scientists and business leaders to catalyze unprecedented collaborative efforts, from basic science to applied research and delivery of novel therapeutic solutions to humankind. Please take note that the 2013 IXA meeting will be held in Osaka, Japan.

Finally, the results of the recent IXA Council election were announced at the IXA Business Meeting during the CTS/IXA 2011 Joint International Congress in Miami. The structure of the new Council can now be found on the IXA website at: www.tts.org/ixa.