Cell Transplant Society Update


In Cell Transplantation Society news, the national Phenylketonuria Alliance just issued a bulletin to all of its members, and is posting on its website a message announcing that at the University of Pittsburgh, a clinical trial of hepatocyte transplantation to treat PKU in adult patients has become active and patients are being recruited for consideration. Writing on behalf of its members, Christine Brown, Executive Director of the National PKU Alliance, issued this statement:

The National PKU Alliance commends the researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on the opening of their clinical trial of hepatocyte liver cell transplantation for the treatment of PKU adults. The NPKUA supports hepatocyte transplantation research in PKU mice through the funding of two University of Pittsburgh fellows, Dr. Kristen Skvorak-Vallieu and Dr. Roberto Gramignoli. Encouraging results have been found with hepatocyte transplantation when used in PKU mice and in other inborn errors of metabolism diseases. This will be the first time hepatocyte transplantation will be used in PKU adults. The NPKUA is excited about the advances the new clinical trial will bring. To learn more about the hepatocyte transplantation clinical trial, please visit the National Institute of Health clinical trial website.

The latest information on hepatocyte liver cell transplantation will be presented at our 2012 National Conference held July 26-29, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ. Please watch for upcoming announcements about registration, as you will not want to miss learning the latest on this amazing research. We hope you join us in Making PKU History!