Women in Transplantation Update

The Women in Transplantation (WIT) group is proud to share with our members our upcoming events for 2012. Over the last few years, many women have had the opportunity to attend one of our WIT networking events, which are linked to international congresses in the field of transplantation. These events give professional women the opportunity to get to know each other better and have been the start of many new friendships. The next networking event will take place in Berlin on July 16, 2012 and features a lunch and a talk by Dr. Elmi Muller from South Africa. She will ask the question: “Do you treat Rottweilers or Poodles?” to inspire her audience to reflect on women’s roles in medicine and transplantation and how we are different from our male colleagues. The next morning, conversation will continue in this field with speakers Prof. Regine Rapp-Engels from Germany, Dr. Beatriz Dominguez-Gil from Spain and Prof. Del Kahn from South Africa at an early morning symposium. Feminization in medicine as a general trend and the implications for the workplace will be discussed—we hope to see some of our male colleagues at this session as well. The WIT group is one of the fastest growing groups in TTS and it attracts more and more people every year. Our recently started mentorship programme will also provide some opportunities to younger clinicians and scientists to obtain input into their careers and the choices they make. We hope to include abstracts from mentors and mentees at TTS’ International Congress in Berlin in July as well.


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