International Xenotransplantation Association Update


The Council of the International Xenotransplantation Association (IXA) greatly appreciates the leadership of its Immediate Past President, Dr. Emanuele Cozzi, and the important contributions of Dr. David Sachs, Dr. Pierre Gianello, and Dr. Takaaki Kobayashi, who served as Councilors through 2011.

Dr. Bernhard Hering, President, and Dr. Peter Cowan, Secretary and Treasurer, will work with Dr. Takaaki Kobayashi, President-Elect; Dr. Emanuele Cozzi, Immediate Past President; and Council members (Drs. Agnes Azimzadeh, Gina Rayat, Gilles Blancho, Leo Buhler, Chung-Gyu Park, and Kazahiko Yamada) to advance i) planning for the 2013 IXA meeting in Osaka, Japan, ii) communications, iii) education, iv) membership, and v) regulatory matters pertinent to xenotransplantation. Dr. Richard Pierson III, Past President of IXA, has been appointed Chair of the Ethics Committee of IXA and ex-officio non-voting member of the IXA Council; he will replace Dr. Anthony d’Apice. The IXA Council acknowledges the important contributions of Dr. d’Apice.

IXA and the journal Xenotransplantation have jointly established a new annual Xeno Prize to be awarded, beginning in 2012, to the author of the best original paper published in the relevant year in Xenotransplantation. The Xeno Prize Committee will select the awardee from a list of candidates recommended by the journal’s Associate Editors.

Dr. Leo H. Buhler has been named the new Editor-in Chief of Xenotransplantation, the official journal of IXA. He took over from Dr. Carl-Gustav Groth, who edited Xenotransplantation from 2008 to 2011. The IXA council is profoundly grateful for Dr. Groth’s exemplary leadership and achievements.

IXA would like to refer readers to its website at for further updates.