Transplantomics 2013 Review

Each year for the past 4 years, The Transplantation Society has run a winter scientific meeting examining the cutting edge of technology at the interface of “Omics” and biomarker development. This year the meeting was held in Cambridge, England. The program was developed by the Medical Research Council Transplant program under the leadership of Professor Steven Sacks (London) and examined the application of the genomics, proteomics and metabolomics technologies to problems in clinical transplantation. Dr. Randy Morris (California) spoke about the evolving world of patents and the laws of nature versus innovation and discovery so critical to understanding the pathway for application of knowledge to patients. A series of truly innovative minds displayed the potential power of these technologies to uncover biological phenomena. Understanding a little more of: the roles of Complement in HUS and genetically programmed recurrent renal disease; ‘GWAS’ in renal disease; genetics and autoimmunity; the evolving understanding of signatures of tolerance; the power of genomics in predicting ischaemic damage; genomics and acute rejection; and the list goes on. Delegates from 18 countries and speakers from 12 enjoyed the science and the location.

This symposium series is designed to be an informal meeting with a wide diversity of people with interests in technology development, application of that technology to transplantation, commercial development and regulation. The flavour of the meeting, and more importantly, the substance of the best talks can be found by TTS members online at via the Education Portal on the TTS website.

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The conference recordings have been posted!

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