Education Committee Update

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Elmi Muller
Committee Chair

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Medhat Askar
Committee Co-Chair
Academy Course Director

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TTS Education Committee is working together with the editors of the journal Transplantation to provide a regular update on current literature publications in the field of basic science as well as clinical transplantation. Since the beginning of 2013, many important topics have been highlighted, including articles on tolerance, HLA antibodies, updates on immunosuppression, as well as other clinically relevant articles such as outcomes after using expanded criteria donors and prolonged cold ischaemic time. By reading these summaries, members should be able to get some information about recent work that was published in the field that might be of interest to them. As a new venture, the Education Committee wants to add a section on meeting highlights in the next six months—hopefully this will point out some cutting-edge topics presented at our congresses. The Education Committee is constantly working to improve education for our members in both the developed and developing world.

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Lecture 01 • February 19 • 15:00 EST

Using Experiential Learning in Medical Education: Understanding Your Learning Style and Your Role as an Educator
Dr. Alice Kolb • President, Experience Based Learning Systems, Inc.
Dr. David Kolb • Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behavior
Dr. Medhat Askar • Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, CCLCM
Alice Kolb David Kolb

Lecture 02 • March 19 • 15:00 EST

Systems Approach to Professional Health Care Education
Dr. Thomas Aretz • Vice President for Global Programs, Partners HealthCare International
Thomas Aretz

Lecture 03 • April 2 • 14:00 EST (GMT -04:00)

21st Century Curriculum Design: Fostering Expertise Through Experiential Learning and Feedback
Dr. Sharon K. Krackov • Independent Consultant in Medical Education
Dr. Henry Pohl • Vice Dean for Academic Administration, Albany Medical College
Sharon K Krackov Henry Pohl

Lecture 04 • May 7 • 07:00 EST

Making Assessment Meaningful to Learning
Dr. Cees P.M. van der Vleuten • Chair, Department of Educational Development and Research, University of Maastricht
Cees PM van der Vleuten

Lecture 05 • June 18 • 07:00 EST

The Skills You Need to be An Excellent Trainer or Teacher in the 21st Century
Dr. Ronald Harden • Emeritus Professor of Medical Education, University of Dundee
Ronald Harden

Lecture 06 • July 25 • 07:00 EST

Interaction in Problem-Based Learning Tutorials: Getting it right
Dr. Samy A. Azer • Chair, Curriculum Development Unit, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Samy A Azer

Lecture 07 • August 29 • 07:30 EST

Using Technology and Social Media for Lifelong Learning
Dr. Neil Mehta • Director of Education Technology, CCLCM
Neil Mehta

Lecture 08 • September 18 • 15:00 EST

Strategies for Interactive Large Group Case Presentations
Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong • Director, Harvard Macy Institute, Harvard Medical School
Elizabeth Armstrong

Lecture 09 • October 18 • 07:00 EST

Inter-Professional Education
Dr. Hideomi Watanabe • Dean, Gunma University Graduate School of Health Sciences, Japan
Hideomi Watanabe

Lecture 10 • November • Date and Time TBD

Innovations in Professional Health Care Education
Dr. Price Kerfoot • Associate Prof, Harvard Medical School
Price Kerfoot

Lecture 11 • December 10 • 15:00 EST

Current Studies in Medical Education: WIWIKs (What I Wish I Knew Sooner
Dr. Klara Papp • Associate Dean & Director of Student Assessment, SUNY
Klara Papp

Lecture 12 • January 14, 2014 • 07:00 EST

The Essential Nature of Scholarship: Advancing the Praxis of Teaching Publishing, and Promotion
Dr. Stewart Mennin • President, Mennin Consulting & Associates, Inc
Stewart Mennin