KOL-nKOL Meeting

On August 17–18, just prior to the 12th Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology, The Transplantation Society and leaders from the Latin American transplant community met in Comandatuba, Bahia, Brazil for the annual KOL-nKOL Meeting. The Meeting was designed to show the on-going work in transplant immunology and pathology in Latin America.

Four main sessions were moderated by very distinguished guests who provided four state-of-the-art lectures:

  • Guidelines for HLA antibody testing was reviewed by Gerhard Opelz;
  • What makes an antibody harmful? was analyzed by Adriana Zeevi;
  • What to do with vascular lesions? was discussed by Denis Glotz; and,
  • The role of complement in antibody-mediated rejection was evaluated by Robert Colvin.

Invitations were sent to many Latin American transplant physicians and scientists. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico sent twenty abstracts that were presented by the nKOLs and deeply discussed by distinguished guests with their respective KOLs.

In the immunology sessions, the main subjects were the relevance of adipokines, soluble CD30 levels, the C1q-fixing properties and ig subclasses of the anti-HLA antibodies, the role of the HLA-g genotypes and serum levels. Also, the impact of antibody-mediated rejection in kidney and heart transplantation and the utility of the dsa monitoring to preview function and survival, to define immunosuppression and to follow desensitization procedures were analyzed.

At the immunopathology session, tissue staining for Foxp3, IL-17, CD68 in kidney and heart biopsies were evaluated. At the pathology session, the impact of pre-implantation biopsies, C4d staining, lymphoangiogenesis, protocol biopsies in sensitized patients were the main subjects. Comparisons were made between histological findings in biopsies performed in simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplants. Also, microarray analysis was compared to the classical Banff triad of histology/C4d positivity/DSA presence.

The symposium was very successful in bringing young investigators and local transplant pathologists to show their work and to participate on the 12th Banff Conference, and in promoting the interaction and cooperation between Latin American and international centers.

Invited Guests:

TTS Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs):

TTS New Key Opinion Leaders:

Robert B. Colvin (USA)
Denis Glotz (France)
Gerhard Opelz (Germany)
Adriana Zeevi (USA)

Estela Azeka (Brazil)
Luiz Alberto Benvenuti (Brazil)
Maria Das Graças Bicalho (Brazil)
Luis E. Morales Buenrostro (Mexico)
Niels Olsen Saraiva Camara (Brazil)
Maria Cristina R. Castro (Brazil)
Daisa R. David (Brazil)
Elias David-Neto (Brazil)
Angela Delucchi (Chile)
Rudolf Garcia-Gallont (Guatemala)
Julio Goldberg (Argentina)
P. Halloran (Canada)
Elizete Keitel (Brazil)
Maria Gerbase Lima (Brazil)
Denise Maria Malheiros (Brazil)
Jorge Neumann (Brazil)
Carlos Orozco (Colombia)
Pablo M. Raffaele (Argentina)
Michele F. Susin (Brazil)
Roberto Tanus (Argentina)
Norma Ofelia Uribe (Mexico)

Nestor F. Pedraza Alonso (Colombia)
Erick Acerb Barbosa (Brazil)
Rafael Bringhenti (Brazil)
Rosana Mussoi Bruno (Brazil)
Juliana Farhat (Brazil)
Renata Glehn-Ponsirenas (Brazil)
Patricia Cristina Grenzi (Brazil)
Vanessa Hauer (Brazil)
Mariana Messias (Argentina)
Karla Lais Pêgas (Brazil)
Jorgelina Petroni (Argentina)
Andre Pereira (Brazil)
Georgina L. Rodrigues (Brazil)
Angelica Rojo (Chile)
Marina Burgos Silva (Brazil)
Patrícia Soares Souza (Brazil)
Ryan Yukimatsu Tanigawa (Brazil)
Lluvia A. Marino Vazquez (Mexico)

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