Education Committee Update: Education and CME

Vivekanand Jha

Marcelo Cantarovich
Co-Chair and CME Liaison

The reconstituted Education and CME Committee had its first meeting during the WTC at San Francisco and the members appreciated the fantastic progress made by the previous Committees. To build upon these successes, the Committee discussed a series of new tasks and activities. As a follow up, a needs assessment survey has been sent to TTS members. The survey will be very valuable for planning the Committee activities as well as upcoming TTS congresses.

The Committee will be using the TTS web portal as the vehicle for its activities. Below are some of the activities that the education committee will strive to cover leading up to the 2016 Congress. We are excited to have the opportunity to participate in the ongoing TTS educational activities, and look forward to feedback/ suggestions from members and readers of the Tribune.


  • Posting of recordings from all the 2015 Section Meetings
  • Regular webinars on critical issues in transplantation possibly supplemented with the following:
    • New webinar series in 2015 on advanced transplantation topics.
    • A webinar/podcast-based collaborative effort with Transplantation to highlight published manuscripts.
    • New series of the TTS Education Academy will include a core curriculum of relevant transplant topics;
    • A webinar/podcast-based series on essential skills for Trainees/Fellows. A few indicative topics include: how to prepare the slides for an impactful oral presentation; how to give an effective oral presentation; how to write a strong manuscript; how to successfully prepare a grant.
    • Themed webinars managed by our sections; ISODP, IHCTAS and IPITA are working on their curriculum for 2015 and we expect other sections to join in.
    • Two of our Affiliated Societies, the Canadian Society of Tranplantation (CST) and the Argentinean Society of Transplantation (SAT), currently run their webinar series through TTS.
  • The Committee is reviewing a proposal to create a virtual Transplant Library. This library would include organ specific and theme specific topics presented at recent TTS congresses. Its access would be facilitated through the TTS web site and other TTS publications. It would also act as a repository of other useful materials: e.g., protocols, periodic summary of recent developments, and commentaries on transplant guidelines.  



Vivekanand Jha, India

Co-Chair and CME Liaison:
Marcelo Cantarovich, Canada

  • Medhat Askar, United States
  • Sukru Emre, United States
  • Josette Eris, Australia
  • Rudolf Garcia-Gallont, Guatemala
  • Teun van Gelder, The Netherlands
  • Elmi Muller, South Africa
  • Milagros Samaniego, United States
  • Ifeoma Ulasi, Nigeria
  • Kenji Yuzawa, Japan