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Ethics Committee Update: Committee Role and Mission

Beatriz Domínguez-Gil

Dominique Martin

The recently appointed Chair of The Transplantation Society Ethics Committee, Dr. Beatriz Domínguez-Gil, and its Co-chair, Dr. Dominique Martin, are pleased to report that information about the new committee members is now available on the TTS website. The new committee includes representation from all TTS regions, with a range of disciplinary expertise and experience, and a shared commitment to ethical practice and policy in transplantation.

During the 2014-2016 term, the Committee will undertake a number of activities aimed at developing a better understanding of — and addressing — the diverse needs of TTS members for education and practical resources in the domain of ethics.

All health professionals working in transplantation may face ethical challenges in their everyday practice, as they deal with scarce therapeutic resources for which supply depends on the personal generosity of loved ones or strangers. The exceptional nature of human organs, cells and tissue for transplantation, like that of other medical products of human origin, entails additional professional responsibilities. Concern for donors, as well as for recipients, makes transplantation a uniquely complex as well as an extraordinarily rewarding field.

There is widespread support for and commitment to international ethical standards such as the WHO Guiding Principles and the Declaration of Istanbul on organ trafficking and transplant tourism by transplant professionals. However, translating such principles into practice can be difficult, particularly in the setting of severe economic and healthcare resource constraints or political instability experienced in some countries and regions. Ethics, just like medicine, requires infrastructure, research, education and training to achieve and maintain best practice.

The new Ethics Committee looks forward to assisting the TTS mission by providing guidance, education and leadership in the ethics of transplantation.  



Beatriz Domínguez-Gil, Spain

Dominique Martin, Australia

  • Asia
    Vasant Sumethkul, Thailand
    Anantharaman Vathsala, Singapore
  • Europe
    Jacob Lavee, Israel
    Kristof Van Assche, Belgium
  • Latin America
    Rudolf Garcia-Gallont, Guatemala
    José Medina Pestana, Brazil
  • Middle East / Africa
    Alain Assounga, South Africa
    Riadh Fadhil, Qatar
  • North America
    Elizabeth A. Pomfret, United States
    Lee Ann Tibbles, Canada
  • Oceania
    Katrina Bramstedt, Australia
    Ian Dittmer, New Zealand

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