Transplantation Science Committee Update

Anita Chong

Stefan G. Tullius

WTC  Mentee/Mentor Awards

The Transplant Science Committee is looking back to an exciting World Transplantation Congress (WTC) in San Francisco this summer. Record numbers of attendees and an outstanding scientific program were the highlights. Transplantation Science presentations by invited speakers and in the concurrent oral and poster sessions were excellent. The 4th round of Mentee/Mentor Awards was celebrated during the Transplantation Science Networking event at the WTC – Congratulations to the 20 mentees and their mentors!

Global Virtual Laboratory for Transplantation

Until now, clinical trials have been based on outcome measures that may not be sufficiently sensitive to facilitate significant progress in adjusting immunosuppression. A TTS-sponsored workshop “The Global Virtual Laboratory (GVL)” organized by the TSC in cooperation with Ed Geissler from the OneStudy was held on July 26, 2014 in San Francisco to initiate steps aimed at making standardized testing methods and expertise more accessible to the global transplant research community conducting clinical trials. The workshop served as an initial discussion on defining the need and structure of the GVL. The GVL promises to enhance the outcomes of transplant patients by focusing on the efficient dissemination of standardized and validated immune monitoring assays. A meeting report of the GVL will be published in the Transplantation Journal and a follow-up meeting is planned for November 2014.


In conjunction with the launch of a new editorial team and changes in the Transplantation Journal in July 1, 2014, the TSC has established the Leslie Brent Basic Science and the Anthony Monaco Translational Science Awards that will be given annually to the most outstanding manuscripts in the Transplantation Journal. These manuscripts will be selected based on original research that is innovative and has a direct impact in the field of transplantation. We are delighted that we are able to name these awards after two pioneers in our field who contributed so much with their vision, innovation and humanistic approach. These very special awards will be presented to the first author(s) and each award will comprise a certificate and a prize of $1000. Call for applications will be publicized in the Transplantation Journal and on the TTS website. Please be on the lookout for forthcoming information.

And finally, with the experience of an outstanding meeting in San Francisco behind us, we are looking forward to the 2015 Transplantation Science Symposium (TSS 2015) to be held in Lorne, Australia, a seaside town on the coast near the city of Melbourne. The TSS 2015 will be held in conjunction with the IPITA-CTS-IXA 2015 Joint Congress, providing a great opportunity for extending the visit to Australia and experiencing more great science. Congress co-chairs Shane Grey, and Stephen Alexander, together with the co-chairs of the TSC, Anita S. Chong and Stefan G. Tullius, and the TSS organizing committee are putting together a cutting-edge basic and translational science program, with a stellar lineup of regional and international speakers covering a range of essential topics in B cell biology, tolerance, biomarkers in transplantation and organ/tissue regeneration. This will be a one of a kind meeting with great science in a spectacular setting and with time for networking opportunities.

See you in Lorne!  



Canadian Society of Transplantation (CST)

  • Mentee: Shanil Keshwani, Canada
    Mentor: Dr. Atul Humar, Canada
  • Mentee: Minh-Tri Nguyen, Canada
    Mentor: Dr. Steven Paraskevas, Canada

German Transplantation Society (DTG)

  • Mentee: Markus Quante, United States
    Mentor: Prof. Stefan Tullius, United States
  • Mentee: Paloma Riquelme, Germany
    Mentor: Dr. James Alexander Hutchinson, Germany

European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT)

  • Mentee: Fadi Issa, United Kingdom
    Mentor: Prof. Kathryn Wood

International Liver Transplantation Society (ILTS)

  • Mentee: Sergio Duarte, United States
    Mentor: Prof. Ana J. Coito, United States
  • Mentee: Lung-Yi Lee, United States
    Mentor: Prof. Jon Odorico, United States
  • Mentee: Chang-Xian Li, China
    Mentor: Prof. Nancy Kwan Man, China
  • Mentee: Shinichiro Yokota, United States
    Mentor: Dr. Angus W. Thomson, United States

International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation (ISHLT)

  • Mentee: Carolina Moore, United States
    Mentor: Dr. Joren Madsen, United States

Japan Society for Transplantation (JST)

  • Mentee: Toshihiro Hirai, Japan
    Mentor: Prof. Kazunari Tanabe, Japan
  • Mentee: Taigo Kato, Japan
    Mentor: Dr. Masayoshi Okumi, Japan

Société Francophone de Transplantation (SFT)

  • Mentee: Sylvain Le Pape, France
    Mentor: Dr. Raphael Thullier, France
  • Mentee: Elodie Picarda, France
    Mentor: Dr. Carole Guilonneau, France

Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ)

  • Mentee: Kylie Alexander, Australia
    Mentor: Dr. Kelli MacDonald, Australia
  • Mentee: Kisha Sivanathan, Australia
    Mentor: Prof. Patrick Coates, Australia

The Transplantation Society (TTS)

  • Mentee: Charles Colin Brinkman, United States
    Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Bromberg, Unites States
  • Mentee: Estafania Nova Lamperti, United Kingdom
    Mentor: Dr. Maria Hernandez-Fuentes, United Kingdom
  • Mentee: Yuk Man (Kevin) Lei, United States
    Mentor: Dr. Maria-Luisa Alegre, Unites States
  • Mentee: Niloufar Safinia, United Kingdom
    Mentor: Prof. Giovanna Lombbardi, United Kingdom

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