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Cell Transplant Society Update

The Cell Transplant Society Council has been working towards identifying and drafting long-term goals for the Society of which the overriding goal moving forward will be to maintain CTS as a leader in basic research and clinical translation of cellular transplantation. To refine our goals the Council will meet in November 2014 for a 2-day strategic retreat to discuss the future of the Society and opportunities for growth. Additionally, the CTS will partner with the IXA to co-host the 2017 CTS/IXA Congress. The Call for Hosting document has been sent out to members and the closing date for proposals is November 14th, 2014. We encourage our members to begin to consider putting a proposal together to host the 2017 Congress of the CTS/IXA in your city. For more information, vist our website at

We are very excited to announce that, under the leadership of Robert Fisher, the CTS will be developing a Young Investigator Committee. The committee will be tasked with developing a session and social event for the upcoming 2015 Joint Meeting, develop criteria for future young investigator awards and to assist in future fund development for the Society.

The CTS would also like to encourage you to find the Cell Transplant Society on both Facebook and LinkedIn. We hope these new platforms will increase interaction among membership and spread knowledge and information about the CTS, its members and express our passion for cellular transplantation. We anticipate this increased visibility will also lead to a further interest in the CTS and translate into more of our peers becoming members. We urge members to write posts that can be published using the CTS social media pages. These posts can be short stories on the type of cells you are working on, programs active in your institute or information about your own research. Please include an image or picture if possible. In order to increase visibility and readership we need to be active in posting and we welcome contributions from all CTS members.

Finally, we encourage our members to start thinking about the opportunity to attend our joint meeting in Melbourne from November 15-19, 2015. The meeting will bring together leaders in the field of cell, islet, pancreas and xenotransplantation for an outstanding scientific program in the beautiful city of Melbourne. The call for abstracts, registration information and information about travel awards for the meeting can be found at  


Our Corporate Sponsors

TTS gratefully acknowledges the Corporate Partners whose generous support makes the work of the Society possible:

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