Newsletter 2015 Volume 12 - Issue 1

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Cover - Spring 2015 • Volume XII • Issue I • Official Newsletter of The Transplantation Society
Corporate Partners Acknowledgement
President’s Message
26th International Congress of The Transplantation Society
Project Notify
Turkic World Transplantation Society
Membership: New Affiliated Societies
Education Committee: New Educational Programs
Education Committee: STALYC Values TTS Support
Ethics Committee: Research and Collaboration
Transplantation Science Committee: “The Meeting Of The Year”
Transplantation Science Committee
Transplantation Direct: Call for Papers
Young Members Committee
Women in Transplantation
Cell Transplant Society Update
International Hand and Composite Tissue Allotransplantation Society Update
International Pancreas and Islet Transplantation Association
International Pediatric Transplant Association Update
International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement Update
International Xenotransplantation Association Update
Intestinal Transplant Association Update
Transplant Infectious Disease Update
Joint IPITA/IXA/CTS Congress
TTS Officers 2014–2016
Tribune Credits
Alternate Year Program 2015
26th International Congress of The Transplantation Society
TTS and WIT Endorsed Survey - Actions Following Adverse Clinical Incidents in Transplantation