Project Notify

On the 23rd to 25­­th February, the WHO consultation on vigilance and surveillance for medical products of human origin, otherwise known as the NOTIFY project. This project aims to provide an additional layer of medical vigilance against disease transmission following organ and tissue transplantation. The main asset of the project is the NOTIFY Library which houses all known reported and published cases of disease transmission after transplantation and after exposure to other products of human origin. Collecting all this medical information in a single “Library” is an important tool in risk stratification following organ transplantation and allows clinicians, organ procurement agencies and regulatory authorities to quickly access rare but vital information that has the capacity to impact on policy and decision making around organ donation and allocation. It is a large task, which is being led very capably by Dr. Alessandro Nanni Costa, who is director of the National Transplant Center in Rome. As time goes on, the Library has become an excellent resource for identifying donor diseases and conditions that can be transmitted by transplantation, and is an important tool for evaluating transplantation risk. This is particularly true in regions where national regulatory oversight and surveillance is less well developed and these decisions remain more in the hands for clinicians. The major events that are highlighted by the NOTIFY Library are serious adverse reactions involving infectious, malignancy or breaches of process. If you have not already done so, you are urged to visit the NOTIFY Library at It is an open access tool with thousands of articles covering serious adverse reactions involving tissues, cells and organs of human origin.   

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