TTS 2016

We are one year out!

August 2016 is now less than twelve months away, and our various planning committees involved in the International Congress in Hong Kong have been increasing their pace.

Our Program committee worked through the summer to line-up outstanding international speakers for the Plenary and the State-of-the-Art sessions, and the program is taking shape rapidly. We have a broad reach of subjects from clinical science through to the latest breakthrough areas in basic immunology, represented by plenary sessions on the new Hepatitis C treatments, antibody mediated rejection and the role of the microbiome in shaping the immune system. We will consider transplantation reform across the world, including the changes in China. Abstract submissions opened on September 15 and can be submitted via our website at

The TTS Headquarters team was recently in Hong Kong and had productive meetings with our Host Country Liaison Committee. They have assembled a very professional team of congress suppliers and partners that are local to Hong Kong and forged strong relationships at our chosen venue, the beautiful Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Nothing will be left to chance to ensure that you, our participants, are offered a truly amazing congress experience at what is gearing up to be the largest International Congress of The Transplantation Society ever with over 5,000 participants.

Supported by the TTS Headquarters team, our local hosts from the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation and the Thai Transplantation Society deployed a large-scale promotion campaign all over Asia a few weeks ahead of our first important milestone, the opening of the Call for Abstracts. Close to 3,000 abstracts are expected to be submitted by authors from over 75 countries. Recognizing the changing learning needs of our current and future members, TTS will be introducing novel methods of presentation for these abstracts alongside more traditional presentation formats. We aim to offer an unprecedented diversity and richness in the congress educational environment!

Stay tuned and informed about our progress through our monthly congress newsletter and articles in upcoming issues of the Tribune. Make sure to submit your abstract starting September 15, 2015, and reserve your spot at the congress by registering starting October 12, 2015.

In August 2016, meet with us in Hong Kong — Asia’s World City!  

Philip O’Connell
TTS 2016 Congress Chair