Education Committee

The TTS Education Committee has shifted its focus on developing longer term goals with an eye on sustainability. Our primary goal is for the TTS website to be recognized as the “Go To” site and vehicle for transplant education resources. As such we are looking at re-organizing past and future content to cater to members of different levels and specialties in an integrated fashion.

Currently, we host regular TTS Section themed webinars, joint webinars with our national affiliates, Argentinian (in Spanish) and Canadian societies, and our new Interactive Teaching Series. From this new series, the CME-accredited Advanced Renal Transplantation course has already held three sessions with over 250 registrants; the Trainee Tracks and Transplantation Journal course will be starting this fall.

We have planned an overhaul of the existing multimedia library to be a fully searchable web repository of educational resources that include (but are not limited to) “How-to” manuals, toolboxes and videos - especially surgical - and tighter integration with Transplantation journal. Focus will be given to identifying standout presentations from conferences and creating added content around them, such as a small summary from the presentations, or a video or podcast of the highlights.

The Committee is keen on engaging young members by forming Fellows’ groups and encouraging them to develop new initiatives.

Lastly, the Committee is looking at improving the member experience on the website by offering a personalized education dashboard in time for the TTS 2016 Congress.

As always, we invite our members to provide feedback and new ideas for the Committee to review. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .