IPTA President’s Message

When I assumed the presidency of The International Pediatric Transplantation Association (IPTA) in July 2013, I was particularly concerned about the long-term viability of the Association. Pharmaceutical support, which the Association had historically depended upon, had largely disappeared. With the participation of the Executive Committee, Past President Richard Trompeter, President-Elect Burkhard Toenshoff and Secretary-Treasurer Anne Dipchand, we explored a number of avenues and came to the agreement that becoming a Section of TTS was the best way to preserve the vitality of IPTA. The IPTA Council supported this transition unanimously. Our previous management company, Association Headquarters, was also in agreement that this was a reasonable move, and has been supportive and cooperative with the transition.

The International Pediatric Transplantation Association is the only transplantation association devoted exclusively to the welfare and the science of organ transplantation in pediatric patients. It has more than 600 members, its own journal, and organizes an international congress every other year, traditionally in off years of the TTS Congress. IPTA has been involved in outreach and in fellow education, and has sponsored the publication of two textbooks on pediatric solid organ transplantation. We have also supported the educational content for the pediatric parts of the ATC and TTS congresses. Affiliation with TTS is a natural fit for IPTA, as both organizations take an international approach to transplantation and are mutually committed to education and strengthening collaboration in the field.

As a result of the transition to TTS, IPTA will retain its independence as an Association, but will benefit from the centralized management that a substantial non-profit society can provide. The biennial congresses, outreach and fellow education activities, and journal will all continue, with the added benefit of sharing mutual goals with TTS. IPTA looks forward to a long and fruitful collaboration as a TTS Section, and is excited to be associated with the largest global society devoted exclusively to transplantation. The transition will be complete as of the end of May 2015, two months after the 8th International Congress of IPTA in San Francisco, in March 2015.

Thank you all very much for your continued cooperation and support.