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Papal Appointment

The Transplantation Society is very proud to know that Francis Delmonico has been appointed by Pope Francis to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in February 2016. The Academy was formed by Pope Pius XI in 1936. The aim of the Pontifical Academy is the promotion of mathematical, physical and natural sciences. Selection for the Academy is based on the candidate’s “original scientific studies and moral personality without consideration of the candidate’s ethnic or religious background”. The Academy organizes meetings to promote the progress of science and the solution of scientific-technical problems that are important to mankind. In 2006, the Academy published the report of one of these meetings on the validity of the concept of brain death; entitled “Why the concept of brain death is a valid concept of death”. The Academy contains some of the most eminent scientists from around the globe. Since 1936, there have been 49 Nobel laureates who have been appointed to the Academy. Current eminent members include Werner Arber, David Baltimore, Francis Collins, Suzanne Cory, Stephen Hawking, Erna Moller, Yuan Tseh Lee, Takashi Gojobori, Stanislas Dehaene, and Ryōji Noyori. Previous Academy members who were involved in the transplant field include Alexis Carel, Joseph Murray and Erna Moller. Francis Delmonico is the immediate Past President of TTS and has been elected to the Academy in recognition of his outstanding contribution to transplantation. He has made a lifelong contribution to promotion of ethical organ donation and prevention of organ trafficking. He is the Chief Medical Officer of the New England Organ Bank. On behalf of TTS, I would like to congratulate Frank on this outstanding achievement, which is fitting recognition of his lifelong work in the field.  

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