Transplantation and Transplantation Direct

The mission of Transplantation is to be the primary trusted publication for information, education and research in transplantation across the spectrum of basic, translational and clinical sciences. We want to see papers that stimulate debate, highlight progress and both educate and inform us all.


There are different formats for publication...

  • Article:
    A full-length report of completed basic and experimental research, or clinical and translational research.
  • Short Report:
    A brief report of significance in the field. The more concise the report the better it is for the reader!
  • Overview:
    Generally invited, these are concise reviews of a special interest topic in the field of transplantation; however, author-initiated proposals will be considered. It is worth sending us an outline/abstract of an overview in advance for the editors to comment on.
  • Letter to the Editor:
    Letters are either:
    • Informational - briefly presenting a significant topic of particular interest; or
    • Correspondence - in which comments are made on articles previously published in Transplantation.


Once you have submitted your paper to the website, it will be checked to make sure it is all formatted correctly and then the Editors will be chosen to handle the paper. Each paper has an Executive Editor, a Deputy Editor and an Associate Editor assigned. The AE will be an expert in the subject matter of the paper and they will assign two or more referees to review the paper in detail and provide you with comments on how to improve it. Then editors have a different task—they must decide if it is going to be good enough to get into the top 17-19% of papers and if not, whether it falls within the scope of our new companion journal Transplantation Direct. Fewer than one in five papers gets into Transplantation and many good papers miss out.

We created Transplantation Direct to provide a place for you to publish: preliminary reports on high impact experimental or clinical findings; clinical trial protocols of special high interest; new methodologies and technical papers; novel, as yet untested, hypotheses; registry reports and case studies of interest.

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