Women in Transplantation

The Women in Transplantation initiative completed a very successful year of events in 2015, which culminated with our final networking event at the Joint Congress of IPITA-IXA-CTS in Melbourne, Australia. The panel of speakers highlighted young women researchers and clinicians and discussed the challenges they foresee the next generation of women in medicine will experience and how they will overcome those challenges. The recording of this presentation is now available on the WIT website. In 2015, the WIT initiative featured a new format for our networking events that includes a panel of three or four women from diverse backgrounds sharing experiences on a range of topics, such as the generation gap and challenges of translational research, as well as our first WIT presentation in Spanish. The recordings of all our WIT sessions are now available in the WIT Educational Resource Library.

For 2016, we are pleased to announce a new initiative of WIT: the Developing Leaders Workshop, supported by Novartis. The first workshop is slated to take place in advance of the American Transplant Congress on Saturday, June 11, in Boston, MA, USA. This series of workshops will focus on providing transplant professionals with the information and tools necessary to excel in areas of their career outside traditional research and scientific themes. WIT has enlisted expert speakers to foster and enhance participants’ leadership development and provide extended networking opportunities for women transplant professionals. For more information on the workshop or to register, please visit the workshop on the WIT website here.