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TSS Asian Regional Meeting

The Transplantation Science Symposium Asian Regional Meeting was held in Ryogoku, Tokyo, Japan on April 8th and 9th 2016. Held every two years, this is a subcommittee meeting of the Transplantation Science Symposium (TSS). The previous TSS was held in Lorne, Australia in November 2015, the outcome of which was clearly explained at the Tokyo meeting.

More than 350 people from 12 countries attended, with a paid attendance of more than 300, and adopted general presentations of more than 250. Many thanks for the assistance of Prof. Stefan Tullius, co-chair of TSS, with who’s help many useful lectures were realized.

The purpose of the Tokyo meeting was as follows:

  • To understand the results of the latest basic research and to transfer this knowledge to young transplant physicians and surgeons in Asia: Researchers who are performing the basic research of transplantation attend TTS and report their research results; however, young transplant physicians and surgeons in Asia are often too busy with clinical activities and have less opportunity to examine in detail the latest information.
  • To encourage participation in the TSS: Recognizing the importance of TSS by participating in the TSS Asian Regional Meeting and increasing participation in the TSS generally.
  • Increasing the number of members belonging to the TTS: It is very beneficial that young doctors become members of the TTS. This benefit is most significant for the new generations of doctors and the society for transplantation of each of the Asian countries has strongly recommended it.

These three purposes can be judged to have been largely achieved. Even though the Tokyo meeting was a something of a trial effort, its impact was enough that already there are requests from other Asian countries to hold the next TSS Asian Regional Meeting.

It is my wish that this meeting will contribute to the improvement of basic knowledge for young transplant doctors and to the development of TTS.  

Shiro Takahara, MD, PhD
2016 Meeting President
Professor, Advanced Technology for Transplantation
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Osaka, Japan

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