2016 Best Manuscript Awards

The Transplantation Science Committee of The Transplantation Society and Transplantation are pleased to announce the best manuscripts submitted to the Journal in 2016. Named after two pioneering giants, a selection committee that included editors of Transplantation, The Transplantation Society, in addition to members and chairs of the Transplantation Science Committee selected two winners amongst a very competitive group of applicants. An extended article on these awards will be published in the January 2017 edition of Transplantation.

Naohiro Takemoto, et al

The Leslie Brent Award for the Best Publication in Basic Transplantation Research went to Naohiro Takemoto and co-workers from Kyoto University for their work showing that “coaggregates” of pancreatic islets and regulatoryT cells resulted in improved transplant outcomes in experimental models of islet transplantation.

Donna Lucas, et al

The Anthony P. Monaco Award that recognizes the best translational submission went to Donna Lucas and co-workers from Johns Hopkins University for their clinical study investigating antibody responses in renal patients across different MHC mismatches, with the aim of improving donor-patient matching and to better apply immunosuppression

Both the Leslie Brent and the Anthony P. Monaco awards are wonderful opportunities to highlight outstanding publications in Transplantation. We are presently looking forward to reviewing the best submissions of 2016 and will accept applications until June 30th, 2017.