EDQM: Quality and Safety of Organs for Transplantation

This Guide contains the most updated information and guidance for all professionals involved in identifying possible organ donors, coordinators managing the process of donation after death and of living donation, professionals responsible for the allocation and clinical use of human organs, quality managers and Health Authorities responsible for overseeing donation and transplantation programmes.

In this 6th Edition, all of the chapters have been revised thoroughly to update their contents with the most recent advances in the field. In addition, new and important chapters have been added, including specific guidance for the determination of death by neurologic criteria, donation after circulatory death and living donation, among others.

This Guide constitutes a common European standard, based on the long-standing expertise and knowledge of the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Health Care (EDQM), Council of Europe.

The electronic version of this Guide is available for free download at EDQM’s dedicated website after a simple registration process. Paper copies are available for purchase at the EDQM Store.