Young Members Committee: Educational Tools and Survey Results

The Society has great educational tools on its website and we want to do more. Please keep an eye out for some new updates from our Young Members Committee. Plans include adding a section with job postings, opportunities to travel, and expand leadership skills. We will also be launching a section on how to career plan, which will include advice from many mentors in TTS.

In these last few months some of you took part in our survey and we have listened to your answers:

Networking and communication between young clinicians and scientists, as well as between young and senior members of TTS is very important. At the TTS Congress in Hong Kong, a Young Investigator event supported by Gift of Life was held at The Pawn. The idea was to give young people the opportunity to get to know each other and also to socialise with senior members of the society. The event was very successful and we hope to have several similar events in 2017.

Social media is important and we are currently setting up several platforms for the TTS Young members.

It is our aim to contact you in many different ways – we hope to see you at some of the Section meetings’ networking events in 2017!