New TTS Committees

Two committees have been added to the existing pool of 12 committees, making way for TTS to empower its global leadership activity in a strategic and mindful approach. All committees submit a specific action plan detailing objectives and end goals for their two-year term. With 100+ active members in these committees, they report through their committee chairs and co-chairs to the Executive between Council meetings and provide full details of their progress during the annual meeting of the Council. The current TTS committees are:

  • 2022 Congress Selection Committee
  • Anesthesia and Critical Care Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Heart and Lung Committee
  • Journals Committee
  • TTS 2018 Medawar Prize Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Section Presidents Liaison Committee
  • Transplantation Science Committee
  • Women in Transplantation Steering Committee
  • Young Members Committee

For a complete list of committee members, please visit the TTS Committee page on our website at