Croatian Society of Transplantation Medicine

The Society was established as a central, multidisciplinary association to bring together all healthcare professionals involved in the Croatia’s transplant program; subsequently, the Congress was a chance to gather those professionals to present current trends in therapeutic support and to facilitate exchange of theoretical knowledge and practice (case reports) following standards within the EU. It was also a great opportunity to exchange information, experiences, and ideas, and to present the results of the National transplantation program.

Croatia is one of the leading countries in organ donation and transplantation, not only in Europe, but worldwide. In 2016, Croatia continued its record of providing highly successful results in transplant medicine, owing to the solidarity of its citizens to make the noble decision to donate organs and an exceptional organisation model. 346 people received the "gift of a new life" in 2016: 353 organs were transplanted, out of which 190 were kidneys, 121 livers, 35 hearts, and 7 pancreases.

The President of the Croatian Society of Transplantation Medicine, Dr. Branislav Kocman, emphasized that despite these remarkable results, there remains room for improvement, especially in the development of the lung transplantation program.

The Croatian Society of Transplantation Medicine recently became an Affiliated Society of TTS.  

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