International Pediatric Transplant Association Update

The 9th Congress of the International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA) took place in Barcelona, Spain, from May 27-30, 2017. It was a great success both in terms of an excellent attendance and of its scientific quality. Topics being addressed were the newest technologies in immunology and transplant research, updates and new data from ongoing pediatric transplant clinical trials (CTOTC), long-term complications following transplantation, standards for surveillance and treatment of infections in transplantation, perspectives in immune tolerance, up-to-date data from important registries, protocols to minimize immunosuppression, new and emerging immunosuppressive agents, appropriate selection of adult donor organs to be used for pediatric recipients, ethical dilemmas in pediatric transplantation, devices used to support transplantation, issues in noncompliance and transfer of care, and clinical trial design and endpoints for testing new therapies in children. There were special sessions designed for allied health-care professionals (AHP), who have a strong international AHP community within IPTA.

A memorable event of the congress was the Congress Awards of Distinction session: The IPTA Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed post-hum to William Harmon; the Pioneer in Transplantation Award to Benedict Cosimi; the Distinguished Allied Health Professional Award to Rochelle Liverman; and the Young Scholars Award to Pankaj Chandak.. Our efforts to involve young physicians were also underlined by six IPTA-TTS Congress Scientific Awards for the best oral presentations and four awards for the best poster presentations. The abstracts of the Congress are published in a special issue of our journal Pediatric Transplantation, and the recorded sessions from the Congress are available for viewing on our website.

The meeting was followed by a networking social event at the beautiful Hospital Sant Pau, built in the year 1401, one of Barcelona’s many historical sites. Attendees from around the globe had the opportunity to network and plan for future clinical and research collaboration.

We are most grateful to Anne Dipchand, the 2017 Congress Chair and current IPTA President, for organizing such a successful congress! We are looking forward to your collaboration and participation as we celebrate our 10th Congress in Vancouver, Canada, from May 4–7, 2019, co-organized by Professors Mignon McCulloch and Carlos Esquivel, and held in the delightful location of the Westin Bayshore Hotel Vancouver.