Cell Transplant & Regenerative Medicine Society Update

We are very excited about our upcoming joint meeting with the Canadian Society of Transplantation in Halifax, Canada to be held at the world trade and convention center from 26-29th of September 2017. The meeting provides a unique platform for basic scientists and clinician to interact and facilitate the transition of cellular therapies from bench to bedside.

The Society is looking for enthusiastic researchers working in any aspect of cellular and regenerative medicine to join the Council; the advert is out on our website for nominations.

The Society is actively looking to support workshops - at least one per year - to bring the researchers in one particular aspect together to network and come up with guideline or consensus statements under the banner of CTRMS. We hope this initiative will improve cross talk between scientists who work in their area of interest while we know there is lot of common grounds in cell therapies between various organs. Regulatory approvals and GMP stock resourcing are other areas where close collaboration between various cell types could be of mutual benefit.

Both CTRMS and CST welcome everyone to join us in September in Halifax.